Fighting algorithms with algorithms

Comparison of typical ‘if-then-else’ logic and tree-based process branches. Traditional programming tools require specilized training and time commitment, while tree-branching is easy to learn and provides considerably more flexibility and power in process design.
Tribe of prehistoric, primitive hunter-gatherers wearing animal skins use amartphone in a cave at night. Neanderthal/Homo Sapiens family browsing Internet on mobile phone. Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock
  1. Some aspects of what social media companies are doing will destroy society, which will then destroy what they are doing.
Various kinds of fruit displayed for sale in a market. Adobe Stock
Journalists working on computers in newsroom. fedorovekb/Adobe Stock
Digital tree on technology background illustration demonstrating flexible design capabilities. monsitj/Adobe Stock



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Kenneth Tingey

Kenneth Tingey

Proponent of improved governance. Evangelist for fluidity, the process-based integration of knowledge and authority. Big-time believer that we can do better.